November 2016 Newsletter – Giving Thanks

sparkheadertest2Paige RasidReasons to Be Thankful!

As the year turns towards the holiday season, and as the new Membership Director at CTC, let me say, thank you for a great year. It has truly been a team effort between CTC members, staff and Board Members.

My sincere thanks go to…

Our Members for caring about our State and the tech industry that will drive its growth. The Connecticut Technology Council is a statewide association for technology companies and the organizations that support them. Funded primarily by memberships and sponsorship, we keep our programs and activities tied to the interests of our companies, knowing that the success of our companies will lead the success of the economy here in Connecticut. Our current strategic initiatives of Talent and Workforce, Growth Company support, Cybersecurity are all the result of listening to the concerns of our Membership and developing programming that can respond to those concern.

Our staff has experienced change this year – we have added and lost, but the fortitude of our leadership and staff has brought us to the end of a strong year for our programs and policy efforts. Cheers to Mike Scricca who retired after 18 years with the CTC and welcome to new staff Courtney King, Marketing Specialist, Katie Magboo, Talent & Workforce Program Manager and Cheryl Rice, CVG Program Administrator. Our staff is creative and resourceful and strives to serve our members well. I cannot adequately thank our staff for what they do every day.

Our CTC Board of Directors has generously given of their time volunteering with CTC on our advisory committees, driving amazing steps forward in our talent & workforce programs, cybersecurity information sharing and advocacy efforts. Led by the committed team of Board Members, CTC benefits from these smart, visionary thinkers who will continue to develop a powerful plan for CTC’s future. People often express surprise that we accomplish what we do with such a small staff. It is because of these volunteers that our reach and impact is so great.

We would not have an association without the contributions of our members, our staff and our Board.; it is amazing to have seen firsthand the great number of Members contributing and the depth of their engagement and commitment. Thank you to all!


Paige Rasid

Membership Director, COO

Connecticut Technology Council

Thankful for New Member Organizations, Together


With 33 new member companies joining the Connecticut Technology Council family this past year, we have plenty of reason to be thankful as we close out 2016! This year has been one of huge transitions for the CTC organization, as we said goodbye to a longtime Membership Director, Mike Scricca, who retired on October 21, and refocused on our mission and vision to bring increasingly valuable programs and services to our member organizations first, and the Connecticut tech community at large, as well.

More than anything, we’re excited to grow along with our Members’ needs by capitalizing on successful programs and events like our CT Skills Challenges, which drive locally-grown tech talent directly from Connecticut universities and colleges to the Connecticut businesses that need them most, and our celebration of tech growth in our state, the Marcum Tech Top 40.

We at CTC and our member organizations are excited to attack 2017 with renewed vigor and focus, working to ensure our 23rd year is also our best yet. Interesting and vital new improvements internally and in our outreach are in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you. It is also important that we want our Members to feel well-served, and hope to keep our lines of communication open at all times. Feel free to reach out to staff with requests and interest – after all, we owe our Members a great deal! If you are a member organization, we will happily help you promote tech-oriented events and initiatives through our large (and growing) network and digital presence, and thrive on facilitating networking opportunities – either of the traditional variety, or perhaps something further afield.  We encourage you to reach out to likeminded organizations who would benefit from the events and programs that the Connecticut Technology Council offers.

Click here to find out how you can become a member if you aren’t one already!

And finally, a special thank you to our newest Members (listed in the order in which they joined this year).


Vertical Talent Solutions

i2e Consulting LLC

JKS Systems LLC

Workforce Alliance


Stash America LLC

RJR Communications, LLC

Nutmeg Technologies, Inc.

Wymsical LLC

CGI Group Inc.

Solidification Products International, Inc.

Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair

Device42 Inc

DNA Data Solutions LLC

CYMA Systems, Inc.

Exago, Inc

SDG Corporation

Town of Branford

Tsunami Tsolutions LLC

Presbury & Associates

NewOak Capital LLC

Grey Wall Software LLC

StateChoice Insurance

Cara Therapeutics

Astor Place

Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Charter Oak State College

Connecticut Historical Society

Oasis Outsourcing

IT Direct, LLC

Hylwa Inc.


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