2016 Innovation Summit Recap

is_no_sketch_logoOn Thursday, November 17, 2016, innovators, inventors, investors and the interested joined the Connecticut Technology Council and their partners – AIF, CVG, BEACON, and CURE – for the tenth annual Innovation Summit at the Connecticut Convention Center.

The morning portion of the event included a hot-button keynote from Christopher Mirabile, Chair of the National Angel Capital Association. Mr. Mirabile’s speech began with a relatively benign focus on fostering startup and innovation growth, but quickly took on a political bent. In our current politically volatile climate, his foray into how the economic populism of President-Elect Donald Trump definitely kept the audience’s and the local media’s attention. The Hartford Courant interviewed Mr. Mirable after his speech, highlighting how at odds the startup ecosystem can be with our socio-economic upheaval.

One of Mirabile’s poignant call-outs to the politician included [emphasis added], “The reality is that start-ups are absolutely key on jobs, research and development, cybersecurity, media, politics. I think our innovation economy is actually the key to making America great again.

We will be posting our video of the keynote address soon, so stay tuned!

The morning session that followed was the much-anticipated Company Showcase, where participating companies promoting innovations as diverse as personal robotic operating systems, aquaponic farming, and pregnancy care gave interested investors a view into their plans and preparations.

Download our Innovation Summit 2016 Event Program to see all of the participating Showcase Companies.

After lunch, seven educational breakout discussions for companies of every stage of growth offered expert insights into everything from hiring best practices to funding sourcing and customer acquisition. There was fantastic participation in each of the breakouts, including a closed Corporate Round-Table on Innovation that helped pull “innovation insights” from some of the area’s leading corporate innovators. Our key takeaway: innovation must be given its separate space and time; it’s best achieved off site and away from the daily grind.

We will be adding photos and video soon, so stay tuned!

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