9184071187_117e3734bf_cThe Connecticut Technology Council is a statewide association of technology oriented companies and institutions, providing leadership in areas of policy advocacy, community building and assistance for growing companies.

Speaking for over 2,000 companies that employ some 200,000 residents, the Connecticut Technology Council seeks to provide a strong and urgent voice in support of the creation of a culture of innovation.

This includes working to position Connecticut as a leader in idea creation, workforce preparation, entrepreneurial aptitude, early stage risk capital availability and providing on-going support and mentoring to high potential firms.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Connecticut Technology Council is to spark innovation, cultivate tech talent, advocate for industry-beneficial law and policy, expand the scope of industry networking and professional development, and celebrate industry achievements in the state.

Our vision is to support and promote Connecticut’s tech ecosystem to lead as a national model.

As a non-profit trade association, the Connecticut Technology Council supports:

  • 250+ member companies, ranging in size from 1 to 20,000
  • Over 6,000 technology and tech-related businesses within Connecticut

We are able to do this by:

  • Hosting over 85 networking and professional advancement events yearly
  • Developing programs designed to feed Connecticut’s growing need for talented employees at every stage of growth and at every point of need
  • Leveraging expertise and leadership in statewide advocacy efforts

Our tactics are stratified into three Strategic Initiatives:

 Talent & WorkforceGrowth & InnovationIT & Infrastructure
FocusStrengthening Connecticut’s Tech-Talent Pipeline Ensuring Connecticut’s Startup & Scaleup Organizations Are Supported at Every Stage
Supporting & Advocating for the Best in IT Resources & Infrastructure Development in Connecticut
Signature Event(s)Women of Innovation®Marcum Tech Top 40
Innovation Summit
IT Summit
Professional Development & Networking ProgramsHR Forum
Skills Challenges
Tech CEO Forum
Peer-to-Peer Groups
Cybersecurity Seminar Series
Events & Programs in DevelopmentGirls of Innovation
Women of Innovation Networking Events
Growth Company RoundtablesBroadband Industry Event
State of Industry Report(s)
CTC Community InvolvementAdvocacy efforts, cooperation and coordination with community stakeholder groups, information dissemination regarding Strategic Initiatives


The technology community is alive and well in Connecticut, and it is growing. We invite you to join with us as we build on our history to keep our culture of innovation strong enough to secure our place in an increasingly competitive world. Together, we must be ready to show technology leaders why Connecticut is the best place to locate a fast-growing company. Become a Member!

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