Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Connecticut Technology Council is a public non-profit membership organization. The staff of the CTC has access to all information collected from the membership and activities, including all information collected on this website. Contact information, including, email, snail mail, phone and fax numbers, will be used by the CTC to keep the membership informed about events and other membership information.

Information about the membership, including information collected on this website, will be made available to members of the CTC in a variety of ways, including: printed membership directories and other publications to be determined by the staff of the CTC.

An online listing of members is available on the website to all browsers. Additional information about the membership can be accessed only by other members and CTC staff. Membership information is occasionally sold or otherwise disclosed to members of the Connecticut Technology Council and other purchasers. The CTC never discloses the email addresses of its membership.

Online Event Registration

Some information, excluding emails, that is collected on this website from CTC event registrants may be published in attendee listings available at each event.

Privacy of our email lists

The Connecticut Technology Council maintains several email lists to keep members informed about breaking events. These email addresses are never disclosed to anyone outside the CTC staff.

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