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The NEXT big thing

The integration and automation industry is a behemoth of software potential at $5 billion, an attention-getting number that nonetheless had limited value to LogicBroker Inc. and its CEO Payman Zamani. LogicBroker, with 18 employees, produces software in Shelton for automated procurement that includes broad needs like shipping, logistics, supply and resupply. Its target market is in the $5 million to $100 million annual revenue range. [...]

UConn Scientist Working on a New Way to Repair Knees

Dr. Cato T. Laurencin had already earned a PhD in biomedical engineering when he started a fellowship in sports medicine, a job that got him involved in fixing lots of torn knee ligaments known as ACLs. “It just seemed to me that there might be a better way to be able to approach this,” said Laurencin, now a professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of [...]

Boehringer to Make Lung Cancer Drug Available in US

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, with U.S. headquarters in Ridgefield, announced Thursday that Gilotrif oral tablets will become commercially available in the U.S. the week of Sept. 2. This medication is used to treat lung cancer patients with specific mutations. An estimated 15 percent of Caucasians and 40 percent of Asians have this mutation. Until Gilotrif becomes commercially available, patients who need the medication can enroll in [...]

A Call to Research Scientists and Engineers

Advanced Research Mentorships (ARM) with Glastonbury High School Advanced Research Mentorship (ARM) provides an outstanding opportunity for practicing scientists and engineers to collaborate on authentic research studies with outstanding high school students. ARM is a non-traditional, non-lecture course that is designed to allow students to work independently to develop skills in all aspects of science including problem formulation, method design, data collection and data analysis. [...]

White Coats For First Class Of Medical Students At Quinnipiac

NORTH HAVEN — Before taking the Hippocratic oath, the first students of Quinnipiac University‘s new medical school received their stethoscopes and white coats Friday. “Today you are going to put on your first white coat, and in many ways, you are never going to take it off,” said Dr. Jessica Israel, keynote speaker for the school’s white coat ceremony — a ritual common at medical [...]

Proton Onsite

Describe your products or services Proton OnSite manufactures on-site hydrogen, nitrogen and purified air gas generators. On-site generators are a cost-effective, reliable and safer alternative to using delivered or stored gas supplies. Using only air, water and electricity, our technology is able to produce ultra-pure hydrogen, nitrogen or purified air, on demand. Describe your target customers/market Proton OnSite targets numerous industrial and scientific markets, all [...]

CTC Announces the 2013 Marcum Tech Top 40 Award Winners

Connecticut Technology Council and Marcum LLP Announce Marcum 2013 Tech Top 40 Winners, Focusing on Innovation and Economic Growth Sixth Annual Event Will Honor the State’s 40 Fastest Growing Tech Companies September 26 HARTFORD, CT (August 12, 2013) – The Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) and Marcum LLP have announced the 2013 Marcum Tech Top 40 list of the 40 fastest growing technology companies in Connecticut. [...]

John Emra Named AT&T Connecticut President

Connecticut Technology Council board member John Emra has been named President of the Connecticut region by telecommunications company AT&T. Emra, who previously served as Vice President for External and Legislative Affairs, will be succeeding Rodney Smith, now retired, in the exectutive role.

2013 Marcum Tech Top 40 Companies by Industry Category

The List: Advanced Manufacturing  Amphenol Corp., Wallingford APS Technology, Inc., Wallingford ATMI Inc., Danbury Dymax Corporation, Torrington EDAC Technologies Corp., Farmington Foster Corporation, Putnam Harman International Industries, Stamford Rogers Corporation, Rogers RSL Fiber Systems, LLC, East Hartford Energy/Environment/Green Technology  FuelCell Energy, Inc., Danbury Proton OnSite, Wallingford IT Services  Amnet Systems LLC, Stamford Cervalis LLC, Shelton Cierant Corporation, Danbury Datto Inc., Norwalk Gartner Inc., Stamford Information [...]

From Secretary to Magnetic Particle Inspection

Thefollowing is an excerpt from an article by Bill Fallon that originally appeared in the Fairfield County Business Journal. — Edwina Lucenius was a successful executive secretary in New Jersey when family obligations brought her home to Stratford. There, she found her skills in low demand and she sought a different direction. She found a very different direction. A year after entering Housatonic Community College’s [...]