Deadline and Decision Now Rests with the Legislature and Governor

Please take a look at the position paper we have created to make the case for understanding the need to support funding of the complete “innovation continuum” in the state. CTC’s Policy Position White Paper– Print it out and let your local legislator know how important this is to you and many businesses in Connecticut. Contact your CT representative and senator now The Governor started [...]

Open letter to CT Legislators

With four weeks to go in the legislative session, its time for the technology community to make the case for the bill (Substitute SB 1) that will help support the creation of a true innovation environment for Connecticut.  The lobbying sprint to the end of the session is not for the faint of heart. Here’s what I might say to our state leaders to make [...]

Adapting to Economic Growth

One question I am asked frequently by nervous technology executives is, “if I actually am as successful as I am telling my backers I will be, can I really hire 50 really great system engineers/ programmers/ lab technicians/ project managers (fill in the blank for your company) over the next three months?”  Therein lies the other half of the dilemma that punctuates everything we are [...]

Connecticut Needs a Unified Technology Policy

A new report out of Boston may change the tactics that states and localities use to improve their ability to develop and attract more fast growing companies.  Click here to view the report. First, some background. In economic development circles, the discussion often drifts to a modified version of the chicken or egg dilemma. We add ‘or chicken feed’ thus creating our own answer to [...]

Transportation and technology based economic development programs economic development programs

Let me say at the onset that this week’s column is not for the policy wonks and lobbyists, they know everything I’m about to write about. So, this is for the rank and file Council members who are interested in what is going on in Hartford this session and how it all relates to issues we have been advocating. I am not sure if this [...]

Learning from experience

Yogi Berra once purportedly said you can see a lot by just watching. This is certainly true for technology based economic development ideas. With almost every state and many large city governments hiring hundreds of consultants to tell them what to do and how to grow, sometimes it is best just to wait and see what works. A great role model for us is a [...]

Studying Growth

I am writing this column from Old Town Alexandria on the edges of Washington D.C..  About forty technology councils from the U.S. and Canada are gathered here to discuss our programs, policies and best practices.  It’s an annual exercise that is very useful and occasionally sobering. A few themes come up year after year. Those councils fortunate enough to have been created with a wide [...]

Supporting the Innovation Continuum

It was another interesting week from the front in the battle to find new resources to support technology based economic development in Connecticut. There is some good news to report… The grant we have been pursuing with the state Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) to help build our entrepreneurial development program that we are calling the “Innovation Pipeline Accelerator” is moving along again, [...]

Surviving China

How small Connecticut manufacturers can export to China By James B. Stepanek Manufacturers often get calls like this: “We specialize in moving your entire factory to China.” The calls hurt, but are laughed off. American manufacturers resent being treated as though dead. Small manufacturers are very much alive, and many want to export to China. But they wonder, how? Here are Ten Lessons on how [...]

Welcome to the CTC Blog

Beginning today we plan to bring you on a regular basis more news and opinions about technology oriented programs and policies in the state….  The Technology Council has been diligently working to represent the needs and goals of the state’s innovation oriented community, but we have not always done a great job of communicating that to our friends, members and partners. Between these weekly messages, [...]

Welcome to the CTC Blog! Get CT Tech info here.

The Technology Council has been diligently working to represent the needs and goals of the state’s innovation oriented community, but we have not always done a great job of communicating that to our friends, members and partners. Between these weekly messages, targeted mailings and eventually a range of downloadable “pod casts” and videos,  I want to make sure that you are in the loop about [...]

Minimizing Intellectual Property Risk is Key for the Technology Start-Up

By Elizabeth A. Alquist and Pamela A. Johnson There is a certain excitement attached to launching a new business particularly for those with a technology start-up. Finding capital investors, renting office space and creating marketing materials are all a part of the process. However, as with any new venture, there are risks to be aware of such as those involving intellectual property rights which include [...]

2005 Member News Highlights

November 2005 Connection Concepts’ DataPortal™ special IBM webcast introduces Instant “data” Messaging without uneeded extra development. October 2005 Connecticut Technology Fast 50 Awards  CERC Releases Benchmark Study Connecticut’s Economy Faces Serious Growth Challenges, Report: Key growth indicators show state losing ground CT Technology Council to Recognize Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs Statewide; Seeks Candidates for Second Women of Innovation Program The WorkPlace, Inc. has won a $557,000 grant to [...]

Top 10 Marketing Processes for the 21st Century

By Gartner Analysts, Claudio Marcus and Kimberly Collins The marketing function must evolve to support advanced, customer-centric marketing processes. There are 10 processes that will deliver the greatest value to customers and the enterprise. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Although traditional value-added marketing processes will continue to play a role in the evolution of the marketing function, marketers need to focus their attention on new [...]

Layered Defense Approach to Network Security

Smart Internet Searching Saves Time and Money Bob Gaughan, Nortel Networks Corporation Today’s enterprises and governments are enjoying the many benefits of greater communications with fewer boundaries between them and their business partners, customers and remote employees. While there are many benefits, they can be outweighed by the various risks of doing business on public networks or open intranets. Organizations must still make the right [...]

CIO’s at the Crossroads

By Gartner Vice President, Tim Ogden According to Ellen Kitzis and Marianne Broadbent, VPs at Gartner, CIO’s today stand at a crossroads. The role of CIO is changing due to two perspectives on IT. On the one hand there is the lingering disaffection with IT from the Internet bust and the technology capital spending overhang. On the other hand, business executives are desperate for innovation, [...]

PR Strategies for Small Tech Companies

AnnMarie Kemp, Vice President, Director of Public Relations for Cronin and Company, Inc. Used alone or in combination with other marketing disciplines, public relations is an effective communications tool. It’s ideally suited to build awareness and credibility for a company or product and, often, it’s the best place to start for small companies either entering the marketplace or looking to grow their business. PR can [...]


By Richard Lennon “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra If you bought or leased your telephone system 5 to 10 years ago, eventually you will need to replace it. You may be realizing that you have outgrown your system and it does not support your branch offices and telecommuters. Replacement parts may become harder to find and [...]

Smart Internet Searching Saves Time and Money

By Denise Ryan, MLS According to International Data Corporation analyst Susan Feldman in The High Cost of Not Finding Information, (KM World, March 2004), the time spent looking for and not finding information can potentially cost an organization up to $6 million a year. According to the study, this figure does not include “lost opportunity costs,” estimated at a loss of $15 million per year [...]