Why Connecticut is poised for a new consensus around innovation and growth

This first week of summer, when Connecticut is warm, green and bursting with new life, is a perfect time to consider the many ways groups are coming together to enhance Connecticut as a location for innovation. We all know about our traditions of invention and ingenuity. Add to this that people genuinely seem to love living here and talk about how great the environment in [...]

Tech Talk for 6-21

If I were to count, there are four CTC members who have achieved Microsoft Gold  Certified status.  Well another has joined the ranks. Microsoft has announced that Forza Technology Solutions attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in Network Infrastructure Solutions. While riding my bike a few Sundays ago, I ran into Kevin Bouley, President of Nerac peddling 50 miles [...]

Getting serious about building a world class technology work force

Untitled Document   With the end of the school year here, it seems to make sense to talk about workforce development. There are many efforts in the state and many people passionately trying to get a collar and leash around the giant that is our “education industrial complex.” (If I am allowed to mix metaphors). The technology and innovation community seems in agreement that a [...]

Tech Talk for 6-14

Gualberto Ruano does more than sped time in the lab. He recently was seen marching in the Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade as the parade’s grand marshal. Dr. Ruano, a geneticist, runs Genomas, a Hartford-based biomedical firm that uses DNA to "guide and customize" medical services for people, particularly Hispanics. Ruano, whose company is working closely with Hartford Hospital on health services for Latinos, said [...]

You won’t believe what’s happening in Waterloo!

When a region similar to ours decides to get it’s tech economy in gear, we could learn a thing or two… The View from up NorthI was on another road trip last week, traveling about 60 miles west of Toronto to Canada’s version of Silicon Valley, greater Waterloo. I was there to facilitate and speak at a conference paid for by the Province of Ontario [...]

Let’s Help Connecticut Innovations Secure Bond Funds

With the warm glow of the legislative session’s bi-partisan successes about to fade in the harsher light of the coming campaigns, there are a few things the technology community needs to address before retreating to whichever camp beckons for the next six months. First, while we were happy to see the many parts of the innovation agenda passed in Bill 702, it turns out that [...]

Your Support and Letters Made a Difference

In the last column we thanked the Governor and many of the legislators who supported our technology agenda during the legislative session that ended last week. I also want to thank the many of our members who wrote their legislators, either in support of the current R&D tax credit rules or in support of our platform of more funding for innovation based activities at CI, [...]

Innovation Economy gets Boost from Legislature

The legislative session ended Wednesday and the innovation and technology communities should be more than pleased with the outcome. From the session’s first moments — when the governor talked about creating jobs based on innovation, to the introduction of the first bill of the year to address a long list of competitiveness issues, to the $2.3 billion transportation package, to the understanding that changing our [...]

Legislature Heeds Tech Community

With less than a week left in the “short session” of the General Assembly there is good news to report, but still work to be done to prepare for next year. A series of meetings with legislative leadership this week points to the unmistakable conclusion that job creation through technology based economic development is very much on the minds of our politicians. The Governor and [...]

Final Legislative Push Depends on All of Us

With just two weeks to go in the legislative session, it is necessary to ask again that you write your state legislator to express your concern about bill SB 669, which may reduce the amount of R&D tax credit you, your clients or your vendors may receive. Check out a good article on the subject  and please write or send us your letters and we [...]

Deadline and Decision Now Rests with the Legislature and Governor

Please take a look at the position paper we have created to make the case for understanding the need to support funding of the complete “innovation continuum” in the state. CTC’s Policy Position White Paper– Print it out and let your local legislator know how important this is to you and many businesses in Connecticut. Contact your CT representative and senator now The Governor started [...]

Open letter to CT Legislators

With four weeks to go in the legislative session, its time for the technology community to make the case for the bill (Substitute SB 1) that will help support the creation of a true innovation environment for Connecticut.  The lobbying sprint to the end of the session is not for the faint of heart. Here’s what I might say to our state leaders to make [...]

Adapting to Economic Growth

One question I am asked frequently by nervous technology executives is, “if I actually am as successful as I am telling my backers I will be, can I really hire 50 really great system engineers/ programmers/ lab technicians/ project managers (fill in the blank for your company) over the next three months?”  Therein lies the other half of the dilemma that punctuates everything we are [...]

Connecticut Needs a Unified Technology Policy

A new report out of Boston may change the tactics that states and localities use to improve their ability to develop and attract more fast growing companies.  Click here to view the report. First, some background. In economic development circles, the discussion often drifts to a modified version of the chicken or egg dilemma. We add ‘or chicken feed’ thus creating our own answer to [...]

Transportation and technology based economic development programs economic development programs

Let me say at the onset that this week’s column is not for the policy wonks and lobbyists, they know everything I’m about to write about. So, this is for the rank and file Council members who are interested in what is going on in Hartford this session and how it all relates to issues we have been advocating. I am not sure if this [...]

Learning from experience

Yogi Berra once purportedly said you can see a lot by just watching. This is certainly true for technology based economic development ideas. With almost every state and many large city governments hiring hundreds of consultants to tell them what to do and how to grow, sometimes it is best just to wait and see what works. A great role model for us is a [...]

Studying Growth

I am writing this column from Old Town Alexandria on the edges of Washington D.C..  About forty technology councils from the U.S. and Canada are gathered here to discuss our programs, policies and best practices.  It’s an annual exercise that is very useful and occasionally sobering. A few themes come up year after year. Those councils fortunate enough to have been created with a wide [...]

Supporting the Innovation Continuum

It was another interesting week from the front in the battle to find new resources to support technology based economic development in Connecticut. There is some good news to report… The grant we have been pursuing with the state Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) to help build our entrepreneurial development program that we are calling the “Innovation Pipeline Accelerator” is moving along again, [...]

Surviving China

How small Connecticut manufacturers can export to China By James B. Stepanek Manufacturers often get calls like this: “We specialize in moving your entire factory to China.” The calls hurt, but are laughed off. American manufacturers resent being treated as though dead. Small manufacturers are very much alive, and many want to export to China. But they wonder, how? Here are Ten Lessons on how [...]

Welcome to the CTC Blog

Beginning today we plan to bring you on a regular basis more news and opinions about technology oriented programs and policies in the state….  The Technology Council has been diligently working to represent the needs and goals of the state’s innovation oriented community, but we have not always done a great job of communicating that to our friends, members and partners. Between these weekly messages, [...]