Connecticut Must Press For Best Broadband


Connecticut Must Press For Best Broadband

Bruce Carlson, CTC President & CEO, in response to the 2/7 Broadband article in Saturday’s Courant, penned this letter the editor: Must Press For Best Broadband Regarding the Feb. 7 Page 1 story “Broadband Lacks Broad Reach: Businesses A Focus Of Debate On Access”: Thanks to the hard work of our broadband providers, Connecticut is an enviably wired state. However, because other states’ IT investments will [...]

High-speed Internet Survey for CT Businesses & Residents

Municipalities in Connecticut are studying options for increasing access to very high speed internet service to their communities, while also reducing costs. UConn, in conjunction with the Connecticut Technology Council and the CTgig Project, is conducting a survey on business & residential internet speed and usage. Your valuable feedback will help us better understand the internet speed, price, and usage in the Connecticut business sector as [...]

Comcast Increases Speeds for No Additional Cost

COMCAST INCREASES SPEEDS FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST FOR MAJORITY OF ITS XFINITY INTERNET CUSTOMERS FROM NEW ENGLAND THROUGH THE MID-ATLANTIC   Philadelphia, PA – July 7, 2015 – Comcast today announced it is increasing the speed of its popular Blast! tier by almost 50 percent to 150 Mbps (formerly 105 Mbps) and introducing a new Performance Pro speed tier of 75 Mbps. New and existing customers who subscribe to many [...]

AT&T Invests to Enhance Networks in CT

“With a growing range of connected home appliances, cars and wearble devices, we depend more on network connectivity than ever before,” said John Emra, President at AT&T Connecticut. “AT&T’s continued investment in Connecticut brings a host of new, innovative opportunities for residents and businesses to connect with each other and their customers.” “The technology sector will be the driver of economic growth for the foreseeable [...]

CT’s Drive for Public HIgh-Speed Internet

Providing access to high-speed, low-cost internet in the state is crucial for economic growth and business development.  According to New Haven Transportation Director Doug Hausladen, Connecticut is “exceptionally slow, even when compared to the rest of America,” in regards to jumping on the high-speed connectivity train. In an effort to get Connecticut up to speed Consumer Counsel Elin Katz, Comptroller Kevin Lembo and others are [...]

July 31 Broadband Meeting | Recap

The three CT broadband meetings scheduled across the state were received with high levels of interest and today’s meeting, hosted by the Center for Advanced Technology in East Hartford, was no exception. With more than 30 attendees including directors, presidents, CEO’s, account executives, policy directors and more, the group’s dialog consisted of current issues associated with the State’s lack of broadband and the potential benefits [...]