The United Illuminating Company Overseeing Bridgeport’s Renewable Energy Park

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The United Illuminating Company Overseeing Bridgeport’s Renewable Energy Park

The United Illuminating Company (UI) of Orange is overseeing Bridgeport’s Renewable Energy Park project, while last year, Fuel Cell Energy of Danbury launched the largest fuel cell power station in the U.S. Just two reasons why Connecticut is ranked one of the nation’s top five states in the use of fuel cells and power source development. Construction on Bridgeport’s Green Energy Park will begin shortly under UI’s management, creating clean energy through fuel-cells [...]

CTC President & CEO, Bruce Carlson, Ramps up Advocacy Efforts

CT Technology Council President and CEO, Bruce Carlson, shared his experiences in the public and private sector in an interview with Bob Moore at TechVoice. Mr. Carlson discussed how he would utilize his experiences and networks in government and as a business owner to build coalitions that get public policy through the general assembly. His overarching goals are to pull people together around important public policy [...]

CTC Helps Springboard RFQ for State Broadband Network

In the last month the Connecticut Technology Council has worked tirelessly on two key issues in the CT technology community. Three years ago, the Connecticut Technology Council was at the forefront of efforts to create the Innovation Ecosystem in Connecticut. The message that we delivered to the Administration and General Assembly included a need to both increase the number of startups and the amount of available [...]

The Internet & Taxes – HR 3086 (Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act)

On July 15th, the House of Representatives passed HR 3086 (Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act), which bans federal, state and local governments from taxing internet access charges and assessing multiple taxes on electronic commerce. The purpose of this law was to promote and preserve the commercial, educational, and informational potential of the Internet, but the bipartisan legislation has not yet been passed by the Senate. According [...]

Benefit Corporation Legislation Finally Passed in CT!

reSET – Social Enterprise Trust  is proud to introduce! The site is operated as a public service by reSET, and serves as the one stop shop for all things benefit corporation-related in Connecticut. The site was created as a resource for entrepreneurs, consumers, educators, and business professionals, allowing them to learn more about benefit corps, and the businesses that will register as benefit corps [...]

Act Concerning Benefit Corporations & Encouraging Social Enterprise

An act Concerning Benefit Corporations and Encouraging Social Enterprise was introduced during Connecticut’s 2014 legislative session. The bill was designed to make it easier for social entrepreneurs to do business in CT by eliminating legal barriers and reducing costs for social entrepreneurs doing business in the state of Connecticut. The bill is also known as “Governors Bill no. 23.” Read the Bill  

CT Lawmakers team with Google to help local businesses get online

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and U.S. Congressman Jim Himes have teamed with Google to make services available for Connecticut businesses to get online and utilize technology for their businesses. Read the full article here.

NIH Advocates for Research and Funding at UConn

  While budgets tend to be extremely tight these days, National Institutes of Health leader  Dr. Joan McGowan spoke at the UConn School of Medicine’s annual symposium, hosted by the Group on Women in Medicine and Science, advocating for programs to help students engage and learn as well as more funding for innovation. Read the full article here, by Maureen McGuire.

CTC Signs Support of EXPIRE Act

The Connecticut Technology Council in conjunction with 152 other organizations across the nation have urged the U.S Senate to pass the EXPIRE Act through the signing of the following letter to the U.S Senate. The EXPIRE Act would not only benefit a wide range of taxpayers, including associations and businesses but also individuals and non-profit organizations across the U.S. A copy of the signed letter [...]

CTC Says Goodbye to Longtime President & CEO Matthew Nemerson

Last night, members of the Connecticut Technology Council gave former President & CEO Matthew Nemerson a warm and sentimental farewell after his ten years of tireless service to the community. Representatives from member companies, the Board of Directors, friends, and family came together at New Haven’s BAR to thank Matthew for his decade of dedication over a few trays of the brick oven pizza that [...]