Key steps to fend off a cyberattack |


Key steps to fend off a cyberattack |

Cybersecurity is one of our many focus areas. Read this piece from CTC Member company Kelser Corp CTO & COO, Johnathan Stone on your first steps to protecting yourself and your business. It’s no longer enough to be small or lucky. These days, cyberattacks affect businesses of all sizes and types. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses are now the target of 65 percent of [...]

Cyber-Security Begins With a Password

Systems Support Group, Inc. (SSGI), CTC member, is a Connecticut-based company providing professional computer support and enterprise-class IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Stories of corporate data breaches and cyber-terrorism can be overwhelming when deciding how to secure your personal and business networks. Recently, SSGI blogged about cyber-security and steps to protect against corporate data breaches. For details, read their blog by Ed Davis, CEO of Systems Support [...]

Cybersecurity Extortion & Fraud | Recap

As a part of CTC’s initiative to prepare Connecticut businesses for cyber threats, its members and affiliates met at Goodwin College in East Hartford to discuss cybersecurity extortion and fraud. This marks the third, and final, meeting of CTC’s Cybersecurity Seminar Series this year. Members and friends of CTC arrived at Goodwin College early September 30th to enjoy a light breakfast and networking before the start of the program. [...]

How 1% of Your Employees May be Putting You at RISK

According to research done by CloudLock, which analyzed the behavior of some 10 million cloud users, just one percent of employees are responsible for roughly 75 percent of cloud-related security risks. Instead of spending mass amounts of money trying to rectify the situation, experts say the best way to keep both rank-and-file employees as well as super-privileged users from making high risk mistakes, is simply to pay [...]

Recap | Cybersecurity Seminar June 2015

As a part of CTC’s initiative to prepare Connecticut businesses for cyber threats, its members and affiliates met at Frontier Communications New Haven to discuss the Life Cycle of a Data Breach and state initiatives around security. This marks the second meeting of CTC’s Cybersecurity Seminar Series. Members and friends of CTC arrived at Frontier Communications early June 3rd to enjoy a light breakfast and [...]

Cybersecurity Rat Race

It seems that no one can keep their hands off of cybersecurity, whether it be the media, corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors or hackers themselves, cyber warfare is a hot ticket and everyone is buying in. Why? Companies are panicking. When the world watches two successful CEOs lose their jobs over data breaches, including one who runs in Hollywood’s ‘high circles’, any denials of cyber attacks [...]

How Getting Hacked Could Ward off Cyber Attacks

Large and small companies are hiring hackers to put their cybersecurity to the test Being proactive about cybersecurity is not a one-and-done task. It’s an ever adapting game that requires re-assesment, adaptability and training – even then it’s difficult to know just how protected you’ll be when faced with a threat. So why not put your firewalls to the test? Some companies are putting a [...]

The Terrifying Business of Cybersecurity

Recent cyber attacks on American giants like Target, and Anthem Blue Cross, as well as attacks on the White House, are proof enough that cyber warfare is a very real, and terrifying, threat. In a world where we have become increasingly interconnected, cybersecurity transcends social class, race, religion, intelligence and geographical location – it affects us all. Who will protect us from this growing epidemic? [...]

2015 Connecticut Cyber & Privacy Forum

2015 Connecticut Cyber and Privacy Forum Wiggin & Dana Presents: Cyber Defense and Privacy Offense: What’s in the 2015 Playbook? When: Thursday April 23 | 8:00am – 2:00pm Where: Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale | New Haven Panels and presentations will address the following: Cybersecurity threats to watch out for in 2015 Cybersecurity standards for the private sector Insurance Lessons from a “Year of [...]

A JANUS Public Service Alert – Anthem Insurance Data Breach

This public service alert was provided by our friends at JANUS Associates:   Anthem Health has disclosed that it has suffered a major data breach. This special alert is being sent to apprise you of what has occurred based on statements made by Anthem. It is important to understand that this breach is far more serious than the Target or Home Depot breaches. Those breaches affected credit [...]