PASS IT, SIGN IT, NOW! CTC CEO Bruce Carlson on Governor Malloy’s Proposed Budget

From the Desk of Bruce Carlson

PASS IT, SIGN IT, NOW! CTC CEO Bruce Carlson on Governor Malloy’s Proposed Budget

Budgets are first and foremost policy documents. They detail the policy directions and the priorities that an organization deems important. Through that lens, let’s look at Governor Malloy’s budget proposal released on Wednesday. At the 10,000 foot level, here are the policy directions and priorities that I take away from the Governor’s proposal: Continued effort to reduce the size and scope of State Government Reshaping [...]

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO: A view on the departure of GE to Boston

While fresh in our minds, I’d like to weigh in on the decision by GE to move its corporate headquarters to Boston.  This not good news for Connecticut, but rather than policy makers pointing fingers at each other and joining in the “blame game”, we should stand back and look at what GE is saying. Let’s take the time to understand what GE is saying [...]

Tech Industry Public Policy Agenda has been Drafted – CTC Member Meetings

Presenting the 2016 Public Policy Agenda for the Technology Community Bring your lunch and join CTC directors and members as we gather for networking and a presentation on policy updates & CTC’s 2016 Public Policy Agenda. One of CTC’s goals is to help create an environment in Connecticut where technology businesses can start, thrive and grow. The 2016 legislative session officially begins on February 3 and so CTC’s Public Policy Task Force has [...]

CTC Partners with Tierion to Encourage Technology Development

CTC has partnered with blockchain startup Tierion for a trial that will find government survey data secured on the bitcoin blockchain. “We like being on the cutting edge of what’s going and we feel like this could be leading to more projects.” The survey seeks to evaluate perspectives on issues including workforce demand and tax code awareness. Wayne Vaughan, CEO of Tierion, has previously worked with CTC [...]

CT Leaders React to Closing of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

News of a sudden relocation of Wallingford-based Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. has left state officials and leaders shocked, troubled, and scrambling to fill a pending job void in the future wake of the companies departure.  While Bristol-Meyers Squibb intends to relocate many jobs to an undisclosed CT location, those plans also include relocating up to 800 employees to New Jersey and Cambridge Mass. and elimination of roughly 100 jobs. The announcement [...]

Bruce Carlson Elected to Honorary Membership in the Academy

CONTACT:  Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director (860) 571-7135; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 27, 2015 CT Technology Council President Elected to Honorary Membership in the Academy Rocky Hill, CT – The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) has elected Bruce Carlson, President and CEO of the Connecticut Technology Council, to Honorary Membership. CASE will present the award at its 40th Annual Meeting and Dinner on [...]

Carlson on 2-year entrepreneurial “learners permit”

The idea for an entrepreneurial “learner’s permit” in Connecticut — a two-year holiday sparing new startups some regulatory fees and paperwork — is before a state fiscal analysis committee that could determine whether the initiative becomes law. The bill comes on the heels of New York Gov.Andrew Cuomo‘s offer of 10 years of tax-free operations for qualifying startups in that state. It also arrives amid fresh [...]

Keeping Our Eyes On The Prize

A position statement on the proposed R&D tax credit reduction and limitations on net operating losses.  The tech industry in Connecticut is creating jobs, receiving investment and working to pull Connecticut out of its economic doldrums. CyberStates, a report released by industry group CompTia in early February, gives us a great snapshot of where we are as an industry. A few facts pulled from the [...]

CTC Helps Springboard RFQ for State Broadband Network

In the last month the Connecticut Technology Council has worked tirelessly on two key issues in the CT technology community. Three years ago, the Connecticut Technology Council was at the forefront of efforts to create the Innovation Ecosystem in Connecticut. The message that we delivered to the Administration and General Assembly included a need to both increase the number of startups and the amount of available [...]