Member Spotlight: HB Live, Inc.

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Member Spotlight: HB Live, Inc.

HB Live, Inc. North Haven, CT Dana Barron, President HB Live offers Event Production, Creative and AV Technology services, developing event solutions focused on the audience experience. By understanding client expectations, the staff at HB Live delivers exceptional event results.  Audio and video are core tools; experience and creativity ensure event objectives are fully met.  In addition to traditional AV solutions, we also create [...]

Why Your CT Small Business Needs an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

As the saying goes, stuff happens. Natural disasters are a fact of life and they can strike at any time. The same is true of man-made disasters; they happen when you least expect them. Your business IT systems are subject to disasters like everything else, and when your computer network goes down, it creates an even greater crisis for your business. That’s why every business [...]

Cyber-Security Begins With a Password

Systems Support Group, Inc. (SSGI), CTC member, is a Connecticut-based company providing professional computer support and enterprise-class IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Stories of corporate data breaches and cyber-terrorism can be overwhelming when deciding how to secure your personal and business networks. Recently, SSGI blogged about cyber-security and steps to protect against corporate data breaches. For details, read their blog by Ed Davis, CEO of Systems Support [...]

Member Spotlight: MoonBase 3

Kate Jones – CEO/Managing Partner East Hartford, CT   MoonBase3 offers website design & development and mobile applications. We like to call ourselves a digital studio: we build websites and applications specific to our client’s needs, efficiently and effectively. We have an in-house dev team that is dedicated to website development. The websites we create are not only beautiful and technically sound, but built [...]

Miles Jennings, CEO Farmington, CT is a new online recruiting service with the ultimate goal of helping companies hire great employees, and candidates find jobs that they love. With technologies and cost effective recruitment services, we’re taking the pain out of job search and finding the best talent. Recruiter works with candidates of all kinds and specifically caters to companies looking [...]

Emanus, LLC

Wil Jacques, President Avon, CT   Our team of seasoned professionals protect your intellectual property and assist you in developing your product idea to maximize the potential for revenue generation. Before investing in patents, Emanus minimizes client risk by providing a clear view of the commercial viability and validity of ideas, including market attractiveness, participants’ behavior, identifiable opportunities, and execution strategies for commercialization. We understand the [...]

Prometheus Research LLC

Dr. Leon Rozenblit, CEO New Haven, CT Company Prometheus Research delivers integrated research registries powered by our adaptable web-based platform, the Research Exchange Database, or RexDB. Our systems are unique in that they are designed for flexibility, allowing analysts to configure most systems without the need for traditional programming skill sets. Research registries are sought after in a variety of domains, including academic research [...]


Nate Berger, CEO New Haven, CT   KnockMedia designs, builds and markets websites and applications.  We cultivate concepts and ideas and create one-of-a-kind end-user experiences that captivate and engage. Problems we solve Our solutions help businesses of all sizes communicate with customers, prospects and employees anywhere, anytime. Target Small, medium and large businesses in healthcare, IT, entertainment, consumer goods, insurance, auto and hotel industries. [...]


Sekhar Naik – President Mystic, CT   VoiceGlance is a cloud-based candidate screening platform that helps employers quickly identify the top candidates in their applicant pool. The platform allows our customers to create on-demand phone interviews, assess candidate responses and use dynamic filtering to spot the most qualified individuals for an open position. What Problems Do Your Products and Services Address? Customers spend less [...]

Proton Onsite

Describe your products or services Proton OnSite manufactures on-site hydrogen, nitrogen and purified air gas generators. On-site generators are a cost-effective, reliable and safer alternative to using delivered or stored gas supplies. Using only air, water and electricity, our technology is able to produce ultra-pure hydrogen, nitrogen or purified air, on demand. Describe your target customers/market Proton OnSite targets numerous industrial and scientific markets, all [...]