House passes bill broadening angel investment eligibility |


House passes bill broadening angel investment eligibility |

The House of Representatives has unanimously approved a bill that would make more Connecticut companies eligible for angel investments. Source: House passes bill broadening angel investment eligibility |

Should More Small Businesses Use Accounting Software in the Cloud?

Leap the Pond of Milford, CTC member and software management/business process consulting firm, recently blogged about a Capterra survey polling 500 small businesses for details on accounting software behavior and plans. The report, written by Andrew Marder, shows that while only 39% of small businesses use cloud-based accounting software, the benefits for those who do are clear. “By putting your information in the cloud, you increase the ease of [...]

Interviewing for Technical Programmers – What to Ask

Finding talent for your growing technology company can be overwhelming, especially when all you have to go on is a first impression and a carefully crafted resume. Thankfully, our friends over at Robert Half Technology have put together an easy guide to interviewing technical programmers. A guide that should help you higher the best fit for your growing team. Questions to ask a technical programmer [...]

CTC Partners with Tierion to Encourage Technology Development

CTC has partnered with blockchain startup Tierion for a trial that will find government survey data secured on the bitcoin blockchain. “We like being on the cutting edge of what’s going and we feel like this could be leading to more projects.” The survey seeks to evaluate perspectives on issues including workforce demand and tax code awareness. Wayne Vaughan, CEO of Tierion, has previously worked with CTC [...]

NEW: Job Opportunities for STEM Talent

Do you have open STEM positions that need to be filled? Good news, the the Society of Women Engineers Connecticut Section recently added a job opportunities page to their site. For a nominal fee, you can upload your job openings to the site where they will be shared via social media and through the Society of Women Engineers Connecticut’s e-mailing system. The cost of posting an [...]

America’s Greatest Makers – Now Casting

Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Mark Burnett (producer of Shark Tank), and the United Artists Media Group are casting designers, engineers, inventors, and makers for a new TV series; America’s Greatest Makers. Intel is taking its “Make It Wearable” challenge to the next level and is looking nationwide for contestants to create the next big wearable or smart-connected device using Intel’s Curie Module™. You can submit with just an idea or a [...]

Success is Starting Now

“You’re bound to feel uncertain, and unqualified. But let me assure you of this: what you have right now is enough.” –  James Clear, entrepreneur. One of the major mental road blocks holding young entrepreneurs back is the concept that the time isn’t right. Proving why, in many cases, the most successful startups are born from people who didn’t wait for the perfect time to start their [...]

The Most “STEMinist” Colleges in America

Ever wondered which universities and colleges are on the front lines in the battle to get more women in STEM? Her Campus, a publication written for and by college women, recently published a list of the most “STEMinist” colleges across the country. The following are the top ten STEMinist colleges and universities in the nation, starting with Carnegie Mellon:  Carnegie Mellon University Harvey Mudd College Tuskegee [...]

How 1% of Your Employees May be Putting You at RISK

According to research done by CloudLock, which analyzed the behavior of some 10 million cloud users, just one percent of employees are responsible for roughly 75 percent of cloud-related security risks. Instead of spending mass amounts of money trying to rectify the situation, experts say the best way to keep both rank-and-file employees as well as super-privileged users from making high risk mistakes, is simply to pay [...]

StartUP Bristol – Contest for Local Startups

StartUP Bristol – a competition for small businesses both living and willing to relocate to Bristol. Eligibility requirements: Must be in the initial stages of operation (under three years of operation) with the intent to grow. Developing a product or service for which there is demand. Applicants must be one of the following: Currently operating in Bristol or Willing to relocate to Bristol following award, or Be in [...]