CEO Peer-to-Peer Groups

CEO Peer-to-Peer Groups

CEO Peer Track

In October 2009, the Connecticut Technology Council launched its CEO Peer Track. The Peer Track meets the fourth Thursday of the month, except in August and December. Its participants are the Presidents or CEOs of tech companies whose revenue is at least $3M per year. The Council defines these size companies as mid-size companies. The CEOs can come from any technology vertical. The meetings run from 8:00 to 10:30 in the morning and are held at The Farms County Club in Wallingford. The meetings are intended to help the CEOs solve some of their more vexing business issues using the collective experience and knowledge of the participating CEOs. Subject matter experts are occasionally invited to present on a topic of interest to the group.

Why meet with other CEOs? 

  • Exposure to a group of like CEOs who grow to become trusted advisors, friends and teachers, an alternative form of executive development via frank, honest advice about best practices
  • Information on a variety of topics integral to managing a tech company
  • Business opportunities
  • Confidentially of all discussions

There is a modest fee to participate.

For more information about participating in the CEO Peer-to-Peer Group, contact Paige Rasid

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