Connecticut Must Press For Best Broadband

Bruce Carlson, CTC President & CEO, in response to the 2/7 Broadband article in Saturday’s Courant, penned this letter the editor:bruce carlson

Must Press For Best Broadband

Regarding the Feb. 7 Page 1 story “Broadband Lacks Broad Reach: Businesses A Focus Of Debate On Access”:

Thanks to the hard work of our broadband providers, Connecticut is an enviably wired state. However, because other states’ IT investments will soon make them more competitive, we cannot accept the status quo. We need a plan that’s supported by our tech companies, IT providers and government.

The 100-gigabyte superhighway running through Connecticut is at now at risk because the governor’s budget proposal folds the Connecticut Education Network funding to run it into a Department of Administrative Services block grant with no funding recommendation.

It is ironic that at a time where we are trying to find $60 billion-plus to repair our aging transportation infrastructure we are on the verge of disinvesting in the one aspect of our IT infrastructure that can maintain our state’s competitive position in the nation and world.

What good will our investments in Jackson Lab, Mount Sinai Genomics Research Lab and our growing bioscience companies be when these organizations find they cannot share data?

Connecticut’s future lies in broadband wires and cables and the bits and bytes they carry. We must all recognize this, set that vision, and work together to make it happen.

Bruce Carlson, Old Saybrook

The writer is president and CEO of the Connecticut Technology Council, an association of technology-oriented companies and institutions.

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