Emanus, LLC


Wil Jacques, President

Avon, CT



Our team of seasoned professionals protect your intellectual property and assist you in developing your product idea to maximize the potential for revenue generation. Before investing in patents, Emanus minimizes client risk by providing a clear view of the commercial viability and validity of ideas, including market attractiveness, participants’ behavior, identifiable opportunities, and execution strategies for commercialization. We understand the market – including consumer behavior, and technology insights – should guide your overall intellectual property filing and development strategy. Our comprehensive offerings guide you to the best solutions regardless of your stage of development.

What problem(s) do your products or services solve or address?

Emanus provide experienced knowledge of the big picture and process of moving from ideation to product development and market entry.  We offer connected, 360° guidance on each phase of development (IP development, market research, landscaping and analysis, and business development execution) to provide strategic product commercialization pathways to success.

What are your target customers/markets? 

Emanus provides patenting, innovation, commercialization, and licensing services to small and medium size enterprises, universities, start-ups, and government agencies.

Who are your business partners?

Emanus partners with market research companies, patent analytics firms, and legal groups to provide end-to-end business and intellectual property services.

Who are your competitors and how does your company distinguish itself from them?

   Emanus is in the independent licensing agents and firms service category.  Key differentiators for Emanus include:

• Holistic / Concierge Approach – Immediate oversight and action enabled by integrated product/idea management under one roof
• Kiosk Staffing – Right-fit, on-demand, experienced resources assembled to achieve attractive pricing
• US Military & Aerospace Engineering and Quality Management Experienced – systems, processes, and metrics controlled honed with organizations such NAVSEA, Praxair, Pratt & Whitney, and General Electric
• SBIR, Venture, and Licensing Experienced – Systematic monetization (commercialization or licensing) of intellectual assets

What are the biggest business opportunities in your market over the next 12 months?

The world is experiencing a growing market for innovation, in general, and innovative products and services, in particular. This sea change is creating a demand for services and guidance from experienced resources to assist multiple demographics – Millennials, X/Y-Gen, and Boomers.

What do you view as the greatest business challenge facing your company in the next twelve months?

The biggest challenge facing Emanus is reaching the market with our distinct messaging and approach to innovation and commercialization. Managing growth while maintaining a personalized, high-touch business model is key to the future health and growth of the company.

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