WOI | Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership

WOI | Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership

This award honors a woman who has founded her own company or helped found a company. A woman who has taken great professional and financial risk to make her idea a reality. This is an exciting and incredibly diverse award. We are proud of the past and future recipients of the Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership Award!

A look back at past award winners:WOI - Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership

2005 – Sondra Schneider, Founder & CEO, Security University Inc.

2006 – Susan Froshauer, President & CEO, Rib-X Pharmaceuticals Inc.

2007 – Patty Williams, President & CEO, Telesis LLC

2008 – Deborah Moss, Avālence LLC

2009 – Bala Krishnamurthy, CEO, Aeolean Inc.

2010 – Heidi Douglas, Founder, Nuventus LLC

2011 – Leonora Valvo, CEO & Founder, Etouches

2012 – Jyl Camhi, Founder & President, Great Play

2013 – Meghan Brunaugh, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder, Combat2Career LLC

2014 – Ilana Odess, CEO & Founder, Woven Orthopedic Technologies, LLC

2015 – Christina Lampe-OnnerudCEO & Founder, CLOTEAM LLC

2016 – Nicole Bucala, President and CEO, MIFCOR
– Merrie London, Manager, Small Business Innovation Research and Federal Leveraging Programs, Connecticut Innovations



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