Questions About Membership

The Council is the State’s largest organization dedicated to creating a world-class culture of innovation right here in Connecticut . Membership offers industry leaders statewide networking opportunities, and practical ways to build a more competitive business environment for the State. In addition to networking, the Council offers numerous other benefits including venture acceleration, capital access, technology transfer services, and partner matching. Members include investors, startups, established public and private companies, university and private industry researchers, government agencies, academic institutions, local development agencies, and senior executives from a wide range of industries.
Council meetings occur weekly and include Connecticut Growth Network meetings, PowerMatch meetings, Quarterly Industry events, and legislative briefings. In addition to face to face meetings, the Council offers members a wide range of opportunities to connect with other members online and via specialized introductions.
Membership for technology companies is based on the number of employees working in Connecticut . The fee structure ranges from $375 for small companies to $5,500 for the largest tech companies. Contact Mike Scricca for more information.
Yes. It has been said that there are no more technology and non-technology companies, only innovative and non-innovative companies. The Council counts as members some of the State’s most innovative non-traditional technology firms. Whether a company produces, or uses technology, the commonality between all members is that they rely on innovation and advancements in technology to compete.

Questions about the Connecticut Growth Network (CGN)

The Connecticut Growth Network is a discussion and action forum of statewide leaders, It consists of over 4, peer-led local cells. Each local cell is comprised of technology professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders committed to strengthening Connecticut by creating a world-class culture of innovation . The Connecticut Growth Network is a grassroots movement to change the status quo, to stir things up, and build a vibrant, world-class culture of innovation right here in Connecticut .
To join a Local Cell you must be interested in networking with other executives and charting a long term strategy for Connecticut ’s economic future. Contact Paige Rasid or the local cell leader for more information.
Local Cells meet monthly, typically in the morning or over lunch.

Questions about the Calendar

The Council calendar serves as a clearing house for all technology related events, forums, seminars, symposia, etc. As a service to the State’s technology community, it will post those events it feels are of interest and that appeal to its statewide technology audience. To post your event to the community calendar, sign up on the right hand side.
Any member or non-member can post an event. The Council has a template that requires basic information related to the event. To post your event to the community calendar, sign up on the right hand side.

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