Interviewing for Technical Programmers – What to Ask

Finding talent for your growing technology company can be overwhelming, especially when all you have to go on is a first impression and a carefully crafted resume. Thankfully, our friends over at Robert Half Technology have put together an easy guide to interviewing technical programmers. A guide that should help you higher the best fit for your growing team.Capture

Questions to ask a technical programmer in an interview:

1) “Describe the architecture of our most recent project?”
This allows you to see how well the interviewee understands technical concepts and helps you determine active of a developer the person actually is.

2) “What lessons have you learned from your current project?”
A top candidate will display traits of creativity; those who take the opportunity to learn on the job are more open-minded and prepared to learn new skills.

3) Let’s see some code
Ask your applicant to put his or her skills to the test. An accomplished coder should have no problem writing 2-3 lines of simple code to prove his or her skills.

Utilize this guide in your next interview with a software developer, you might be surprised at how quickly you weed out the “seemingly” impressive candidates.

Thank you again to our friends at Robert Half Technology for this great information!



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