The Launch of Genius Box

A new Connecticut startup, Genius Box, is set to launch this month! The product – boxes containing fun, interactive STEM activities for children 8-11 – aims to encourage youth to pursue careers in STEM.genius box

The Connecticut Technology Council had the pleasure of working with Genius Box early in its beta stage last summer when the company partnered with the council’s annual Girls of Innovation event. The event inspires young girls to think outside the box, get their hands dirty, and discover the true wonders and rewards to be found in STEM. Genius Box generously gave each of the participants a Genius Box to take home – the gift was a huge hit.

Now the company is ready to launch and we are excited to watch them grow. The business model works off of monthly subscriptions where activity boxes are delivered to the subscribers door. Inside is everything the child needs to complete the challenge.

“We want to provide an experience that inspires, encourages, and empowers kids to think big. To be curious. To experiment. To make mistakes. To explore new topics. Overall, to be the change makers and problem-solvers of tomorrow, today.”genius box caption

It would seem that Genius Box is doing just that, and more. According to CEO Kate Pippa, each box sold will also yield $1 to a partner non-profit. Decembers partnered non-profit is CT based ManyMentors. Furthermore, Genius Box is among the first in Connecticut to be a social benefit corporation allowing them to embrace societal good along with financial gain.

For more information about this growing Connecticut startup, visit the Genius Box website.


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