Member Spotlight: HB Live, Inc.

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North Haven, CT

Dana Barron, President

HB Live offers Event Production, Creative and AV Technology services, developing event solutions focused on the audience experience. By understanding client expectations, the staff at HB Live delivers exceptional event results.  Audio and video are core tools; experience and creativity ensure event objectives are fully met.  In addition to traditional AV solutions, we also create video materials, presentation tools and offer best-in-class web broadcasting services.

HB Live Customers:

Our clients include any organization hosting an event or presentation that can benefit from audio and visual technologies.  Corporations, Universities and Non-Profit entities can all benefit from deliberate consultation leading up to their events.  Clients rely on HB for events including CEO Town Hall (In-person or Broadcast), shareholder events, sales & staff meetings, celebratory & awards events, graduation & convocation, conferences, galas and trade show to name just a few.

How HB Live is different:

HB Live was founded in equipment and technology and is so successful due to extraordinary efforts of our people. As the technology evolved and our services expanded, our experience led to innovative methods for using products.  Our experience goes beyond the traditional AV solutions to include solutions and platforms previously reserved for the enterprise. The dedicated team at HB is well trained and demonstrates high confidence in their use of technology.

HB Live’s Network and Experience:

Our close affiliation with HB Communications, an Audio Visual Communications Integrator, gives us insight to everyday client needs that can be implemented in their events. This provides continuity and familiarity to presenters and audience alike. Our extensive network allows us to execute events nationwide and connect domestic events to worldwide audiences.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Businesses face evolving challenges balancing communication, collaboration and budget.  Each year, we grow more dependent on remote communications expecting to gain efficiency, yet possibly at the cost of innovation. The offer of face-to-face communication while leveraging effective tech to enhance these in-person events provides the greatest impact for businesses. Creating an event environment appropriate for the audience and message ensures engagement and retention. HB Live continuously develops and deploys presentation solutions that focus on the audience experience.

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