Advanced Decisions, Inc.

Phone: (203)929-1400

Advanced Decisions, Inc. provides software and hardware development services to CT manufacturers and engineering companies. We have been in business for 35 years, working with some of the larger CT and Southern Massachussets manufacturers of mailing systems, recording equipment, aerospace technology and telecommunications devices. We provide Advisory, Strategic, Tactical and Intelligence services to companies that are looking to improve their development effort. Our Advisory Services focus on improving communications between all the key players in product development, including, in many cases, the senior non-technical management. ADI Strategic Services are geared toward companies that want to design a more efficient development department or team, or that are interested in offshoring and want to make sure they do it effectively. Our Tactical Services are for companies that need assistance with current projects, whether it be staffing, outsourcing or architecture reviews. And our Intelligence Services are for companies that want to explore different options for technology and architecture to improve the products they develop.

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