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Video is changing everything, and Discover Video is at the forefront of the wave. It’s no secret that we cheer the VBrick product line, but we extend the video proposition to include multiple vendors, affordable videoconferences, and we engineer or own products and solutions for multiple industries. In addition to one-way streaming, Discover Video is helping to bring the world affordable and dependable two-way video…realizing the dream of better human communications. Solutions: Multimedia VGA capture & streaming Emergency Broadcasting Personal Videoconference systems Podcasting software solutions Live video streaming and television Internet broadcasting Mobile video streaming Encoders, Decoders, Archive Recorders, Set Top Boxes Vertical Industries Corporate Executive broadcasting, Business TV, training Broadcasters Public, Education, Government (see PEG-CENTRAL) Watch LIVE VIDEO now! Funeral / Mortuary Permanent installations to stream memorial events to those who could not attend in person. System includes web-based condolences, recording, more. Monthly service or purchase (via partner) Education, K-12, College, University Government Broadcasting and/or recording of public city/town council meetings (example here) Scientific and Research

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