General Network Service Inc.

Phone: 203-359-5735
Contact: Dr. Jason Liu, Chairman & CEO

General Network Service Inc. is led by Dr. Jason Liu, formerly a scientist with Bell Laboratories, who founded this consulting firm specializing in helping businesses identify unique opportunities emerging from the combined dynamics of technology breakthroughs, market off/on/off, and geopolitical alignment changes. The core value of GNS is to support business growth and expansion through critical and timely decision-making, when “seize the moment” is the name of the game.

Focus areas include:

  • Property and Intellectual Property Creation and Protection
  • Research Forum on “Governance of Corporation and Organizations”
  • Research and Findings of  organizational structure issues and governance in different cultures
  • Fraud in Capital Markets
  • Globalization of Capital Markets and Human Capital
  • NetCentric and Agile Organizations
  • Grassroots & Community Organizations
  • From Group to Team; Team Creation and Building
  • Startup Organizations, Community Environment, Social Climate, cultural Tradition, Human Capital and Financing

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