H2Sonics LLC

Website: www.h2sonics.com
Phone: 860-659-0555

H2Sonics is an emerging specialty materials company focused on the sustainable production of high purity alumina (HPA).The Company’s optimized process produces alumina in the industry in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Due to the superior performance qualities the material provides – thermal stability, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, high brightness/light transition – HPA is increasingly being utilized in many high growth markets. Currently, the largest application for HPA is its utilization as the base material for synthetic single crystal sapphire – the base substrate for LEDs. In addition, the material is used as a base component for sapphire glass (smart phone/tablet displays and higher performance fiber optics), various coating applications for the semiconductor, electronics and lithium ion battery industries, as part of the phosphor coating in plasma displays, and as a high-value material in the abrasives, ceramics, defense, space, automotive and medical sectors.
The global market for HPA is expected to grow from 14,000 tons in 2013 to almost 50,000 tons in 2018 – a 28% CAGR. As Asia-Pacific companies currently account for over 70% of global production, H2Sonics believes there is a large opportunity for an American-based firm to provide North American buyers with a high quality, reliable, and cost competitive source of this strategic material. Based in Wallingford, CT, H2Sonics is expected to commence commercial operations in 2015.

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