MoonBase 3 LLC

Phone: 860-479-1623


Kate Jones – CEO/Managing Partner

East Hartford, CT

MoonBase3 offers website design & development and mobile applications. We like to call ourselves a digital studio: we build websites and applications specific to our client’s needs, efficiently and effectively. We have an in-house dev team that is dedicated to website development. The websites we create are not only beautiful and technically sound, but built to help drive business and marketing objectives for our clients. We also support an experienced mobile app team that produces robust (and cool) mobile applications for all the latest and greatest devices.


Describe your target customers/market

MB3 works primarily with small and medium size businesses in a variety of fields. That variety gives us a lot of diversity in our experience and keeps us constantly learning. Our ideal client needs help building or enhancing their digital presence either through web or mobile.  We also have partnerships with marketing and advertising agencies, and work along side their teams to help expand on their offered capabilities.


Who are your competitors and how does your company distinguish itself from them?

In the web and mobile market, competition is everywhere: large digital agencies, one-man shows, oversees devs and (surprisingly) the DIY website builders. It sounds cliché, but our point of differentiation is our team. Our people are our greatest assets and provide an intangible difference from our competition. Of course our experience and expertise plays a large role in creating that difference, but it’s also the passion and drive of each individual. The digital space is constantly evolving and we strive to stay on top of trends and innovations that help us deliver insightful and productive web and mobile applications that work for our clients.


What are the biggest business opportunities in your market over the next 12 months?

For us there are two big areas of opportunity that we see for 2014. First our mobile application development has taken off, and the requests keep coming in. We’ve been fortunate to work with some “big” recognizable names in this field and that has helped MB3 really start to build a name for ourselves. We are learning if the work is good, it speaks for itself. The second area for growth is with our products. MB3 plans to launch two web-based products in 2014. We see the potential of these two very diverse products opening our doors to new markets and allowing MB3 to serve a much larger consumer base.  Right now they are both in their beta process and have been testing with very exciting (and encouraging) results.


The Future

The future for MB3 is bright. We are still a relatively young company and have seen tremendous growth thus far– we hope to keep that momentum. 2014 will be a big year for us with the launch of two new products and by 2015 we hope to be bringing in investors to help with R&D and innovation on our products side. We anticipate an internal shift of revenue from service to products, but in the meantime, we’re working hard to provide clients with amazing websites and apps that help to maximize their digital potential.

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