PNT Data Corporation

Phone: (860) 257-2030

PNT Data Corporation, formerly known as Post-n-Track, provides a simple, secure and HIPAA-compliant exchange enabling direct posting and tracking of healthcare claims and related transactions. PNT Data solutions improve on payors traditional use of third party clearinghouses by reducing or eliminating transaction intermediaries. Using PNT Data, payors can acquire provider claims directly and, in real-time, import them into QCSIs QNXT application via the Web, with automated HIPAA validation and security. The company enables this transformation through a managed “cloud” services platform, unifying the exchange of administrative, financial and clinical transactions and information. Direct communications are facilitated through an array of event-driven toolkits and process solutions. This powerful framework eliminates the need for health plans to independently provide infrastructure and resources, thereby reducing or eliminating the complexity and cost of delivering new solutions.

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