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Sandler is a 40 year old professional Sales and Sales Management training firm with 200+ offices around the world. We work with individuals, business owners, and companies. Clients come to us for a few reasons, sometimes because they’re: – Concerned that there is a gap between where their business is today and where it has to be…and they have a sinking feeling that the gap is due to their sales competency…and they HAVE to do something about it. – Frustrated with having lots of proposals but not enough businessand they cant go on like this. – Concerned that there’s no strategy for dealing with prospects that want to think it overand they need to shorten their sales cycle. – Worried about giving away too much unpaid consultingsomething they cant afford anymore. If you can relate to any of these issues, and you havent given up, then lets start by asking each other some questions to see if theres a fit. Sandler delivers results using proven sales force development and executive coaching strategies and practices. Sandler has been awarded the #1 ranking for training programs in Entrepreneur Magazines Franchise 500 nine times since 1994, the most recent being in 2010.

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