Vivax Medical Corporation

Phone: (866) 489-7890

Vivax Medical Corporation was founded in 1984 to develop an automated system to increase the mobility of bedridden persons by enabling them or their caregivers to easily perform transference from a bed to a wheelchair and from a wheelchair back into bed. In 1995, the company introduced the Vivax Mobility System, which was primarily oriented for homecare use. The idea behind this product was that if a person could transfer themselves between a bed and a wheelchair, this increased mobility would enable them to stay at home with reduced dependence on a caregiver, allowing that person to avoid having to go to a long term care facility. Subsequently, institutions such as acute care, rehabilitation hospitals and long term care facilities confronted with major issues involved with patient transfer, positioning, and mobility saw the benefits of the Mobility System. Vivax has consequently developed institutional models to meet varying needs of those institutions. In 1997, Vivax recognized the increasing importance of a patient’s right to be free of restraints, yet understood the need to provide patient safety. Vivax introduced the Soma Safe Enclosure as a far less restrictive means of providing for a patients welfare The Soma Safe Enclosure and Soma Safe Enclosure Bed provide a safe, humane and cost-effective alternative to active restraints and constant observation when caring for patients. Vivax Medical continues to be committed to pioneering patient safety programs related to fall management. Vivax was the first in the industry to focus on cost savings in patient safety by developing innovative products and programs that help institutions to achieve better outcomes, while reducing cost and workload. By partnering with institutions and caregivers, Vivax has crafted a Soma Care™ patient safety program including, sitter cost reduction and outcome improvement. This has become the industry standard.

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