Website: www.vktrygear.com
Phone: 203-878-3272
Email: info@vktrygear.com
Contact: Steve Wasik, CEO

By providing innovative, dynamic sports gear like its VKTRY Performance Insoles (VKs), VKTRY Gear helps athletes improve their energy return, optimize their performance and keep players in the game. VKs can help athletes reduce lower leg and foot injuries including Turf Toe, Lis Franc, and Plantar Fasciitis.

In 2005, founder Matt Arciuolo began working as the Certified Pedorthist for the USA Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton teams. He developed the VKTRY Performance Insole to help U.S. Olympic athletes gain a more explosive start – and ultimately to win more races.

The product design has evolved over the last 10 years and in 2015, Matt received a patent on his unique VK design. In 2016, VKTRY Gear began manufacturing VKTRY Performance Insoles in the U.S.

VKTRY Performance Insoles help you run faster, jump higher and train smarter

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