Member Classifications and Dues Structure

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Corporate Members
Companies primarily engaged in the manufacture, development, supply or use of technology products or services

Corporate Member Dues:

No. of Connecticut EmployeesDues (Connecticut-Based)Dues (Out-of-State)
1-9 Employees$375$1000
10-49 Employees$550$1000
50-124 Employees$1,100$1,100
125-199 Employees$1,650$1,650
200-299 Employees$2,200$2,200
300-399 Employees$3,300$3,300
400-499 Employees$4,400$4,400
500+ Employees$7,500$7,500

Academic Members
Educational institutions providing instruction or conducting research on advanced technological matters

Academic Member Dues: $1,000

Associate Members
Companies that support technology businesses, e.g., legal, accounting, insurance, business consulting, venture capital (non-voting)

Associate Member Dues:

No. of Connecticut EmployeesDues (Connecticut-Based)Dues (Out-of-State)
1-9 Employees$550$2,500
10-20 Employees$1,100$2,500
20+ Employees$2,500$2,500

Affiliates Members
Professional nonprofit organizations and trade associations (non-voting)

Member Dues: $200

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