Why Join?

Why Join?

6512542935_7d3bc02887_bThe Connecticut Technology Council is the largest and most broad based business association expressly serving the needs of enterprises involved in areas relating to technology, innovation, and the commercialization of the sciences. Representing over 300 members and a community of some 2,500 companies and several hundred thousand employees, CTC strives to serve its members and the general interests of the State of Connecticut as they relate to the growth and success of technology based development.
The CTC works to make Connecticut a vibrant location for innovation and growth by helping to advocate for a set of networks, attitudes, and performance standards that will give our region  world-wide prominence and recognition  Working with an active board of directors composed of technology and professional services leaders, the CTC offers a rich selection of programs and services all intended to build a community of successful innovation and technology based businesses operating in a globally competitive environment.
CTC members are a dynamic group of leaders committed to their companies and communities, and determined to create a positive future for both. They understand that business prosperity is tied to the economic growth, cultural dynamism, and the vitality of their communities. And they understand that collective action is the only path to change.

Help us build a vibrant culture of innovation in Connecticut today!

Become a member. Contact CTC Membership Director, Paige Rasid at 860-289-0878 x335 with questions.

Our Value Proposition:

Networking with Peers, Prospects and Partners
CTC events bring together members of the technology community in both small gatherings (PowerMatch) and large well attended events (Women of Innovation Awards Dinner) that in addition to topical programming provide business opportunities to regular attendees. CTC events present members an opportunity to meet their peers and connect with prospects or potential partner. CTC hosts the largest techs events in the state and   provides superlative networking opportunities.

Public Policy Advocacy
While perhaps an indirect benefit, CTC provides leadership in areas of public policy advocacy. Speaking for over 2,500 companies that employ some 200,000 residents, the Council seeks to provide a strong and urgent voice in support of the creation of a culture of innovation. This includes working to position Connecticut as a leader in idea creation, workforce preparation, entrepreneurial aptitude, early stage risk capital availability and providing on-going support and mentoring to high potential firms. Members are sometimes enlisted to testify in support of the Council’s legislative initiatives.

Information and Referral
This sometimes overlooked service or benefit is often times the most valuable one CTC offers its members. Its staff has the most extensive networks of connections and a depth of knowledge surrounding technology support services, and whether it is for referrals, introductions or recommendations, CTC is an informed resource. Active members avail themselves of both events and these deep wells of information to secure clients or to solve business problems. CTC staff work hard and deliberatively to support members in solving their problems and answering their questions.

CTC’s Events Calendar, Newsletter and Alerts
CTC emails a monthly newsletter regarding its events to keep members up-to-date on its array of programs. That same newsletter aggregates technology events from all the state’s business associations while allowing members to add their own events. Because the CTC now manages the events of the Crossroads Venture Group and the MIT Enterprise Forum, CTC members are more closely kept aware of their activities as well. CTC’s second monthly newsletter keeps members abreast of member news while updating members about public policy initiatives, particularly when the legislature is in session.

Peer to Peer Roundtables for CEOs
In October 2009, the Connecticut Technology Council launched its CEO Peer Track. The Peer Track meets the fourth Thursday of the month, except in August and December. Its participants are the Presidents or CEOs of tech companies whose revenue is at least $3M per year. The CEOs can come from any technology vertical. The meetings run from 8:00 to 10:30 in the morning and are currently held at The Farms Country Club in Wallingford. The meetings are intended to help the CEOs solve some of their more vexing business issues using the collective experience and knowledge of the participating CEOs. Subject matter experts are occasionally invited to present on a topic of interest to the group. A second group of CEOs for start-ups and emerging growth technology companies also meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month in New Haven.

Image, Branding, and Culture: Get the word out about who you are!
Whether you are a small company as most CTC members are, or a large multinational as some CTC members are, formally joining the Connecticut technology delivers the message that you support CTC’s mission, but also recognizes that opportunity comes through being connected, being informed and are smart about creating networking opportunities. This in particular applies to young and emerging technology companies. For large companies, the reason for joining is different.  More and more, large corporations are thinking globally for manufacturing, new markets, acquisitions, strategic alliances, etc. But just as Connecticut as a state must aggressively position and market itself an innovation leader, so too must large companies continually reinforce locally and regionally that they are an attractive employer, a leader in their space and a contributor to their community. This self-marketing and promotion takes many channels, but one channel can be through an association with the Connecticut Technology Council. Positioning your company as interested in local economic growth through membership and sponsoring CTC programs reinforces with current employees and prospective employees a commitment to them, the community and the state. Associating the company with programs that receive media attention again builds brand and awareness. The Connecticut Technology Council will partner with large companies who are seeking to increase their local visibility.  Smaller companies can count on the Council for building brand awareness, for the opportunity to network along many channels and for support ranging from introductions to potential customers/clients to help in finding key staff.

C-level networking that connects innovators statewide. This is one of CTC’s most popular programs as it efficiently introduces members to each other and to business opportunities in a speed-dating format. PowerMatch is held monthly except during the summer and moves its meetings around the state to accommodate members and guest attendees.

IT Summit
In what has become an annual event, CTC member company employees who are senior IT professionals may attend CTC’s IT Summit each November. The event’s educational presentations and panel discussions have covered such topical areas as cloud computing, big data, social networking and cybersecurity.

Women of Innovation® Awards Dinner
Held every spring, this is CTC’s largest event and draws over 500 attendees. Celebrating its tenth year in 2014, this awards program brings together the Connecticut technology community to recognize women in the workforce who are innovators, role models and leaders in the technology, science and engineering fields.  Students at both the high school and college level are also honored for their academic achievement and research. This is the event to attend as a member for inspiration, connections and a most enjoyable evening.

Insurance, Employee Benefits and Special Discounts
The Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) offers members an Insurance and Benefits Program to help members obtain the targeted business insurance, health care and employee benefits solutions they need to stabilize escalating costs, attract and retain key staff and meet statutory requirements. Program partners include: The Health Consultants Group, Wellstone Insurance, and TriNet HR Corporation. CTC has also partnered with the United Parcel Service (UPS), to offer members discounts on the services they provide. CTC members also receive preferential pricing to attend CTC events.

Directory Search
CTC members can search the CTC directory for contact information about employees at member companies as well as search for companies by key words, geographic area, and by industry category. Mining the CTC directory can provide valuable information about prospects/clients and potential partners.

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