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Proton OnSite manufactures on-site hydrogen, nitrogen and purified air gas generators. On-site generators are a cost-effective, reliable and safer alternative to using delivered or stored gas supplies. Using only air, water and electricity, our technology is able to produce ultra-pure hydrogen, nitrogen or purified air, on demand.

Describe your target customers/market

Proton OnSite targets numerous industrial and scientific markets, all of which need large quantities of process gases for their business. Our partners span the globe, whether for generator parts, maintenance, sales and marketing or research and development. We have more than 2,000 generators operating on all seven continents and in over 75 countries around the world. Installations operate in the middle of the desert, at the bottom of the ocean in submarines and in some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world.

Who are your competitors and how does your company distinguish itself from them?

Proton OnSite’s competitors range from small technology companies to large, multi-national conglomerates. What sets us apart is our experience, the quality of our generators and our complete focus on gas generation. No other firms have as many working generators in the field or as long of a history of reliability as Proton OnSite. We’re focused on gas generation and we have spent more than a decade making sure we’re the best at it.

What are the biggest business opportunities in your market over the next 12 months?

Our business has two areas for growth. The first is expanding in our existing markets. Only a small percentage of laboratories, power stations, manufacturers and industrial facilities that require large supplies of nitrogen or hydrogen gas have an on-site generator to meet their needs. Most businesses still rely on costly, lower quality and potentially dangerous shipments of gas stored in cylinders or tanks. There is still a huge, untapped international market for on-site gas generators, and we plan to expand our brand and educate businesses around the world about the benefits of switching to an on-site gas generator.

Proton OnSite also sees growth potential in the renewable energy market. Our hydrogen generators produce hydrogen that can be used to refuel fuel cell vehicles, store excess renewable energy from wind and solar, and enable biogas plants to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into useable methane. Hydrogen gas, produced using just electricity and water, is a clean, viable energy source. We’re currently working with governments, militaries, research institutes and private industries to make hydrogen generation economically viable on a large scale.

The Future

We have been developing our Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology for more than 16 years here in Wallingford. But now, as PEM technology is becoming the technology choice for on-site gas generation needs in commercial markets and in emerging energy markets, more companies are throwing their hats in the ring and producing their own gas generators.

As competition heats up, our challenge is to convey the value of our products, and of hydrogen as a solution, to a wide range of industries. We’re confident our industry experience, team of seasoned experts, and high-quality product portfolio will distinguish us as we take advantage of the potential to grow our business and deliver on the promise of clean energy.

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