Miles Jennings, CEO

Farmington, CT is a new online recruiting service with the ultimate goal of helping companies hire great employees, and candidates find jobs that they love. With technologies and cost effective recruitment services, we’re taking the pain out of job search and finding the best talent.

Recruiter works with candidates of all kinds and specifically caters to companies looking for help with “hard to fill” roles in technology, project management, marketing, engineering, human resources, finance and more. We have over 100 happy clients that have been able to save time and money while building great teams. has made efficiency, trust and transparency a part of everything we do, and we’re maintaining those values as we grow the company.

What are the biggest business opportunities in your market over the next twelve months?

The possibility of mobile recruiting, which has become a huge trend in the industry. Our website is mobile optimized and very easy to use on a mobile device, so this could be a great direction to go in the next year. Candidates want to apply via mobile devices and employers want to be able to view possible hires on the go, so this has potential to be a strong growth point for us as a company.

What do you view as the greatest business challenge facing your company in the next twelve months?

We have very favorable market conditions for our business right now. Our biggest challenge will be in meeting the tremendous opportunity in front of us. We need to hire more great people, expand our operations, and build up our technical capacity. The challenge of scaling up quickly while maintaining a personal touch with our users and clients will be what drives us each day.

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