Skillproof IT Jobs Report

Skillproof IT Jobs Report

Connecticut IT Job Trends Report

February 2017

January 2017 IT openings for skilled IT professionals in Connecticut showed a promising jumpstart, with 14.9% more jobs listed than in December.

While December listings included 200 IT positions in Financial Services, openings in that industry dropped in January. But software development specialists continue to be in demand, especially for employers in the Defense and Media sectors. Connecticut is also benefitting from the expansion of both startup and growth IT businesses including CTC member Datto, Inc. of Norwalk.

Read the Full Report for a more detailed analysis of open jobs by IT skill area.

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About SkillPROOF

SkillPROOF systematically surveys more than 250,000 job openings daily obtained from large U.S. and foreign employers. Their research identifies growth or decline in the demand for skills and occupations. SkillPROOF provides job market research reports and insights and offers their Connecticut IT Jobs report through the CTC.SkillPROOF Inc. is a technology firm specializing in job market data collection and research. SkillPROOF provides real-time job statistics to customers in industry, government and higher education. Headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut, SkillPROOF tracks and analyzes job openings from brand name employers in the United States since 2003 using proprietary Internet technology. email:
Skillproof maintains a growing database containing millions of job records with history data sets starting 1-1-2004.
SkillPROOF in partnership with Pace University, produces a quarterly index about the local IT job market (PSII) in the New York Metro area providing statistical information about the changing IT skill needs of employers. Full PSII information is available at of January 27th, 2010 – Pace University and SkillPROOF Inc. have released the Pace/SkillPROOF IT Job Index Report for Q4/2009. Our cautious optimism for the 4th quarter was on target. As the overall labor market shed an additional 85,000 jobs in December despite a 4,000 job gain in November, the Pace/SkillPROOF IT Index registered a dramatic 47 percent increase, jumping from 43 to 63. After dropping steadily for the past few years, this increase is certainly a promising indicator.For more information please visit the Pace University PSII site:

Skillproof delivers research regarding skill requirements for the workforce in the Connecticut Financial Services industry. Sample reports are available here.

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