WOI | Small Business Innovation and Leadership

WOI | Small Business Innovation and Leadership

Any woman who has at least three years of managerial or technical experience in technology, science or engineering can qualify for the Small Business Innovation and Leadership Award. The recipient will have managed a program, project, or business unit in an exemplary way in a small company (less than 500 employees) or professional services firm.

A look back at past award winners:WOI - Small Business Innovation & Leadership

2005 – Jean Blackwell, SVP, Bristol Technology Inc.

2006 – Jana Moak, CEO, Control Module Inc.

2007 – Jennifer Good, President & CEO, Penwest Pharmaceuticals

2008 – Kristin Muschett, President & CEO, HABCO Inc.

2009 – Sally Cohn, Executive Vice President, RecoveryPlanner.com Inc.

2010 – Julie Pellegrini, VP, Graph Logic Inc.
Linda Stahl, Director of Strategic Products, COCC

2011 – Laura Dietz, VP, Sonalysts Inc

2012 – Betsy Didan, VP, COCC

2013 – Kate Donahue, President, Hampford Research Inc

2014 – Manon Cox, President & CEO, Protein Sciences Corporation

2015 – Lisa Braden-Harder, CEO, APPEN

2016 – Dina Dubey, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Z-Medica





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