Connecticut’s Investment in an Expanding Tech Ecosystem

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Connecticut’s Investment in an Expanding Tech Ecosystem

Connecticut is gaining a reputation for its growing tech ecosystem in diverse areas including biomechanics, advanced materials, optics, alternative energy, drug development and manufacturing technology. What’s behind this? Strong collaborative relationships between innovative entrepreneurs, universities and large companies with specialized resources. For example: At the University of Connecticut, Eric Sirois, Ph.D, Biomedical Engineering founded Dura BioTech at the UConn Technology Incubator Program, and has received $400,000 in awards including a federal [...]

New Commericials Showcasing the CT Tech Industry in the Airwaves

The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has released two new television ads highlighting six technology companies that are thriving and growing here in the state.  The ads, which will be mostly airing in northern New Jersey and New York’s Suffolk, Nassau, and Westchester counties, convey the message that Connecticut’s technology industry is thriving and creating real employment opportunities. A group of six businesses [...]

CT NEXT Experiment Casts Entrepreneurial Web Across State

With the state lagging behind in job recovery, Connecticut officials in the months following the 2008 recession weren’t bullish on the state’s entrepreneurial prospects. Urged by business groups like the Connecticut Technology Council and Connecticut Innovations, which needed only to look north or south to start-up hotbeds like Cambridge or New York City, policymakers decided the state needed a new approach to develop an innovation [...]

Gov. Dan Malloy’s Proposal on Changes to the Connecticut Technical High School System (CTHSS)

Gov. Dan Malloy earlier this month proposed legislation making changes to the Connecticut Technical High School System (CTHSS) in order to tailor programming to the needs of employers. In addition to programmatic changes, the governor wants to change the governance of CTHSS to an independent, 11-member board whose members are made by appointment, removing oversight from the State Board of Education. The process would be [...]

State of CT outreach initiative for entrepreneurs & tech companies

CTC is one of several groups in CT that is partnering with CT's Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and its Office of Business & Industry Development on this outreach initiative for entrepreneurs and technology companies. It will be held on December 8, 2010 @ 10 AM at UCONN's Stamford campus.

Malloy supports pro-growth state role – even with need to balance Budget

Congratulations to Dannel Malloy on his election as Connecticut’s next Governor. Malloy and his staff have been involved during the campaign in looking and writing about issues that impact the innovation eco-system for the state. Based on comments he made during the most recent CTC/Innovation Community sponsored forum in mid-October he is willing to have the state work to enhance  various elements where the state [...]