January Member News Highlights

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January Member News Highlights

TierPoint LLC, Waterbury is proceeding to acquire Cosentry, a rapidly growing provider of Cloud, colocation and managed services with 200 employees based in Omaha, NE. The combined locations extend TierPoint’s reach to 24 markets, 38 data centers, and more than 6,000 customers coast-to-coast. The companies share a client-focused culture, providing local support and access to enterprise class IT solutions. Connecticut Computer Service (CCS), Rocky Hill and Southington, announced their merger with Hartford’s [...]

April 14 – Developer Career Fair to Match Programmers and Companies

We face an acute shortage of software developers for growing companies in Connecticut. It seems almost daily we read of another start-up pulling up stakes for greener programming pastures. Part of the problem can be alleviated just by doing a better job of matching the supply of talent we do have with the demand. On the afternoon of April 14 programmers with extra band width, [...]

Connecticut IT Job Trends for December – Continued Jobs Growth

Reporting more good news as the number of new IT job openings continue to pick up for the third month in a row in Connecticut! There were 8.1% more IT positions advertised than in October and 21.8% more than November 2012. Although IT job postings in the Health Care sector dropped slightly, employers in the Financial and Banking industries expanded the search for new IT [...]

Connecticut IT Job Trends for November – Encouraging Activity

IT employers in Connecticut were the most active in the nation during October, on average listing 620 jobs daily. This is a 5.1% increase over the number of new IT positions advertised in the previous month, and an encouraging 29.2% more than in October 2012. Specifically, the  state’s High Tech and IT Services  industries posted more job openings than in September, while Healthcare and Insurance held steady. In [...]

Connecticut IT Jobs Report March 2012

March 2012 – The IT job market in Connecticut continues to disappoint. In February, labor demand for IT specialists increased just 2.6%, too little for the season. If the number of job openings does not increase significantly over the next 60 days, IT workers may face another slow year in the state. The Department of Labor (DOL) reported that Connecticut has lost 4,090 IT jobs [...]

Connecticut IT Jobs Report October 2011

The job market for IT specialists in Connecticut continues to deteriorate. While in August the situation seemed to improve a bit, in September employers were less confident about their need for more staff. This has been a trend since May and we expect the IT job market to soften further. Nevertheless, IT occupations remain higher in demand than many others because they enable employers to improve their business processes.