MESSAGE FROM THE CEO: A view on the departure of GE to Boston

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MESSAGE FROM THE CEO: A view on the departure of GE to Boston

While fresh in our minds, I’d like to weigh in on the decision by GE to move its corporate headquarters to Boston.  This not good news for Connecticut, but rather than policy makers pointing fingers at each other and joining in the “blame game”, we should stand back and look at what GE is saying. Let’s take the time to understand what GE is saying [...]

Connecticut to launch University Research Park in Storrs

UConn Research Park announcement is a great prelude to the CVG-UConn event on 5/25 re: technology commercialization with a particular eye towards utilization of academic resources available in our top universities.

What Connecticut Can Learn From Pfizer’s Decision

Pfizer chose the Boston area for its dense concentration of hospitals, universities, researchers and business start-ups. "Some things actually do better if there is a concentration and critical mass," said Matthew Nemerson, president of the Connecticut Technology Council. "There are a few places where this 'super agglomeration' is happening. Cambridge is one of those places. Connecticut must recognize how it can compete with this — an expanded UConn research hospital, and the growing partnership among New Haven, Yale and private research companies"

Connecticut #9 in 2010 State Tech & Science Index by Milken Institute

Connecticut fell to #9 in 2010 index released today. In its 2010 State Technology and Science Index, the Milken Institute ranks states that are investing in technology and science sectors, creating jobs, and expanding their economies as a result of these investments.

America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010 a setback for Science and Technology Community

A call for action on the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010. The full U.S. House of Representatives voted on 5/13/10 to recommit the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010. This was a setback for many in our community. It Freezes all funding to FY 2010 appropriated levels for the National Science Foundation (NSF), DOE Office of Science, and the National Institutes of Standards & Technology (NIST). In effect, it will end several new initiatives like Energy Innovation Hubs and other prototype programs at the three agencies affected.