Connecticut Must Press For Best Broadband

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Connecticut Must Press For Best Broadband

Bruce Carlson, CTC President & CEO, in response to the 2/7 Broadband article in Saturday’s Courant, penned this letter the editor: Must Press For Best Broadband Regarding the Feb. 7 Page 1 story “Broadband Lacks Broad Reach: Businesses A Focus Of Debate On Access”: Thanks to the hard work of our broadband providers, Connecticut is an enviably wired state. However, because other states’ IT investments will [...]

UConn Health Partners with JAX Geonomic Medicine

The October 2014 opening of the $135 million Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine at UConn Health Center‘s Farmington campus heralds a bright outlook for Connecticut’s bioscience industry (and it is just one of many projects in motion, including Cell and Genome startups). Genomics is an emerging extension of genetics that examines genetic material as an entire system, enabling scientists to explore gene-by-gene in search of [...]

NIH Advocates for Research and Funding at UConn

  While budgets tend to be extremely tight these days, National Institutes of Health leader  Dr. Joan McGowan spoke at the UConn School of Medicine’s annual symposium, hosted by the Group on Women in Medicine and Science, advocating for programs to help students engage and learn as well as more funding for innovation. Read the full article here, by Maureen McGuire.

Pfizer Announces Use Of Groton Site To Be A Campus For Bioscience Innovation and Data

Governor Dannel P. Malloy hosted a news conference on Pfizer’s vacant Groton site to announce that the two buildings on site will be put back into productive use as a bio-science innovation center for Connecticut United for Research Excellence and as the new DAS  data center for the State of Connecticut.   Please visit NBC Connecticut’s website for full detail.

2013 Change in the Supply Chain – White Paper

This UPS White Paper, High Tech Global Supply: Shifting Gears, reflects survey results from  nearly 350 executives in high-tech companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia as they gear up to capture new global trade opportunities. In a growth landscape, 41% of executives surveyed expect to see high-tech exports increase over the next two years compared to 2013. Learn how near-shoring and an increasingly customer centric business environment are [...]

Air Force Announces New Grant Program

AfosrThrough their Young Investigator Research Program, also known as YIP, the US Air Force plans to award 30 grants to qualified recipients and their respective institutions of learning during the 2014 fiscal year.

Bringing together industry, universities, and the federal government to invest in the emerging technologies

President Obama announced the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. A proposal with $500 million behind it to jump start the collaboration between industry, universities, and the federal government to invest in the emerging technologies.

Prometheus Research in New Haven Gets National Recognition

Prometheus Research, run by Leon Rozenblit, is on the edge of data management and poised to become a force in the Connecticut technology industry.