MESSAGE FROM THE CEO: A view on the departure of GE to Boston

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MESSAGE FROM THE CEO: A view on the departure of GE to Boston

While fresh in our minds, I’d like to weigh in on the decision by GE to move its corporate headquarters to Boston.  This not good news for Connecticut, but rather than policy makers pointing fingers at each other and joining in the “blame game”, we should stand back and look at what GE is saying. Let’s take the time to understand what GE is saying [...]

Connecticut’s Total Effective Business Tax Rate

Connecticut's total effective business tax rate is lower than many people expect.

Read His Lips

The following consists of excerpts from Thomas MacMillan's chronicle of a day on the New Haven mayoral campaign trail of CTC President & CEO Matthew Nemerson that appeared in the New Haven Independent.

CT Proposal Would Hike Tax on Digital Downloads

Downloading e-books, music from iTunes, or apps for your phone could become expensive for folks in Connecticut.

Angel Investing Jumps With State Tax Credit Change

Thirty companies have gotten funding through the State of Connecticut's Angel Tax Credit. Nine of them in the last two months since the state loosened it to $25k.