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Sekhar Naik – President

Mystic, CT



VoiceGlance is a cloud-based candidate screening platform that helps employers quickly identify the top candidates in their applicant pool. The platform allows our customers to create on-demand phone interviews, assess candidate responses and use dynamic filtering to spot the most qualified individuals for an open position.

What Problems Do Your Products and Services Address?

Customers spend less time sifting through applicant résumés and conducting repetitive phone-screening interviews and more time meeting with well-qualified candidates.

Who are your target customers/market?

We believe that any company, large or small, looking to fill an open position stands to benefit from using VoiceGlance.

Who are your business partners?

VoiceGlance partners with our customers to ensure mutual success. Our outcome-based pricing model demonstrates our dedication to helping companies find the best candidates. We have also partnered with senior recruiters and human resource professionals to expand our question library and portfolio of pre-built interviews.

Who are your competitors and how does your company distinguish itself from them?

On-demand video interviewing platforms are growing in popularity as they aim to save companies time and resources when compared to in-person interviews. VoiceGlance offers the same benefits associated with on-demand interviewing, but through a less invasive medium. Video interviewing is also highly prone to bias. VoiceGlance offers text-based assessment and blinded assessment options which greatly improve the objectivity of the assessment process.  As an added benefit, skimming through text also proves to be much faster than watching each and every interview video.

What are the biggest business opportunities in your market over the next 12 months?

We see many opportunities for VoiceGlance over the next 12 months. The job market is clearly improving, but companies are still taking a cautious approach to hiring. All the while, the number of applicants per position continues to increase. Companies need new, innovative tools to help them attract and identify top candidates. We expect our growth to continue as more employers embrace the VoiceGlance platform.

What do you view as the greatest business challenge facing your company in the next 12 months?

Getting the word out. VoiceGlance is a product that can help companies hire smarter while saving them time and money. The challenge now is reaching our target customers with the right messaging.

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