WOI | Collegian Innovation and Leadership

WOI | Collegian Innovation and Leadership

The Connecticut Technology Council is proud to award Connecticut’s most innovative, successful, collegiate students. Every year, at the Women of Innovation awards ceremony, one outstanding woman is chosen for the Collegian Innovation and Leadership Award. The recipient must be an undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement in the technology, science, or engineering areas of study or who has displayed inventiveness or creativity in said fields.

A look back at past award winners:WOI Collegian

2007 – Kristyn Greco, UConn, Graduate Student

2008 – DeCarol Davis, United States Coast Guard

2009 – Zoe Cournia, Yale University, Post Doctoral Fellow

2010 – Claire Weiss, UConn School of Engineering, Doctoral Student

2011 – Jacquelynn Garofano, SCSU, Yale, UConn, Education Outreach Coordinator and Doctoral Student

2012 – Nicole Wagner, UConn, Graduate Student

2013 – Zhaohui Wang, UConn School of Engineering, Graduate Student

2014 – Zengmin Xia, University of Connecticut, Graduate Student

2015 – Sapna Gupta, Ph.D. Student, University of Connecticut & Monika Weber, Ph.D. Student, Yale University

2016 – Jacquelyn Kubicko, Cadet, United States Coast Guard Academy


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