The Connecticut Technology Council is a statewide association of technology oriented companies and institutions, providing leadership in areas of policy advocacy, community building and assistance for growing companies.

Speaking for over 2,000 companies that employ some 200,000 residents, the Connecticut Technology Council seeks to provide a strong and urgent voice in support of the creation of a culture of innovation.

This includes working to position Connecticut as a leader in idea creation, workforce preparation, entrepreneurial aptitude, early stage risk capital availability and providing on-going support and mentoring to high potential firms.


For a state to thrive economically, it must continue to reinvent itself through innovation and job creation. Perhaps more than any other state, Connecticut has the necessary combination of factors to be a major contender in today’s global marketplace: an educated workforce, the availability of wealth and risk capital, some of the world’s best academic institutions, and an intense history of success and invention that runs through every part of the state.

The mission of the Connecticut Technology Council is to build an interactive community of innovators and their supporters that can leverage these great advantages to create a thriving economy, job growth, a global reputation for entrepreneurial support, and a lifestyle that attracts the best and brightest people to come here and retains the young people who have grown up here.


To fulfill our mission, we need to have agreement within the larger community on the importance of excellence and the best strategies for achieving our goals. As the catalyst that brings innovators and their supporters together, the Connecticut Technology Council will continue to advocate for the policies that will help place Connecticut in the center of technology innovation.

Call to Action

The technology community is alive and well in Connecticut, and it is growing. We invite you to join with us as we build on our history to keep our culture of innovation strong enough to secure our place in an increasingly competitive world. Together, we must be ready to show technology leaders why Connecticut is the best place to locate a fast-growing company. Become a Member!

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